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Colvin in Salamanca

Whenever I have access to a kitchen, my hobby of baking and decorating cakes, cupcakes, and countless other sweets gets out of hand! Not even a tiny dorm kitchen can stop me from making enough cake to last my entire hall a week. A fun fact is that I have only been to Taco Bell once in my life.

Term: Spring 2018
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Where I'm From: 
St. Louis, MO
My Home University: 
Loyola University Chicago
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Favorite thing about going abroad?

I'm definitely most excited to be immersed in everything Spanish--food, language, and culture--as well as having the opportunity to 'sample' other European cultures (and foods!) on weekend trips. I'm a pescetarian, but I LOVE eating, so it's always an adventure to try local food and accommodate my dietary restrictions while traveling.

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