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You've Got A Firenze In Me

The Amalfi Coast

“Yes, you could be peaking,” my sister laughed back at me as I video chatted her from our unbelievable countryside wine tour on the Amalfi Coast. I’ve tried to take my family with me everywhere I’ve gone this semester because I haven’t been able to see them while I’ve been away. We’re very close and I’ve felt lucky to get to share so many great moments with them like this one. Last weekend, IES Abroad took us on a weekend trip to the Amalfi Coast. We chose the trips before we went abroad, so it was a happy coincidence that two of my closest friends, Adira and Abigail, were both on the trip with me.

On Friday, we got up early and went to Pompeii where we had a guided tour of the old city. I loved walking around in the ruins and getting to see that part of history. It’s the never-ending amazement of realizing you’re in a place so much older than where you grew up – I even saw an ancient pizza oven. I took a picture for my dad, resident pizza lover back home. We finished up our tour and headed over for a several course (and several wine) wine tour at a vineyard a few towns over. It was so much fun to sit and get to try many different foods and drinks. Maybe I should make a trip out west when I turn 21 (only a few more weeks, Mom and Dad!).

After lunch we went to Sorrento where I picked up a few gifts for family members and toured around the city. It was absolutely beautiful out and the view of the ocean reminded me how lucky I was to be in a place that some people only dream about visiting. I headed back to the hotel so that I could talk to my grandfather before dinner, and then we had a delicious dinner at the hotel all together. Saturday, we got up early again and had a guided tour of the Amalfi Coast. We got to see Positano and then took a boat ride to Amalfi, which was absolutely lovely. I got some gorgeous photos of the sea sparkling on the Cliffside – we even saw Sophia Loren’s old home!

After Amalfi, we headed back to Rome and had an easy trip back. I enjoyed one night at home in Rome and I got to watch the Red Sox game at a normal hour of the day rather than my usual 1AM (that time difference is really starting to be a problem). On Sunday morning, I got up nice and early and caught a train up to Florence to visit friends and see the city my sister studied abroad in when she was in college.

Traveling from Rome is so simple. I love that I can catch a train anywhere from Termini, at almost any hour of the day. We had Monday off of school, so I got a little two day vacation to see Florence and end my Monday with a quick trip to Pisa for that famous leaning tower. I took a stereotypical photo and grabbed a pizza for lunch – see below.

All in all, it was a 10/10 weekend (although, what hasn’t been, so far?). I loved spending the weekend in Italy, especially because I’ll be going on my last international trip of the semester next weekend. IES Abroad did a great job with our overnight trip and I am so glad I picked Amalfi. Our trip filled up the fastest, so if you’re planning on traveling with IES Abroad, make sure you pick your overnight trip as soon as they send out the survey!

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