Things I'm looking forward to when I get home

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Alexandra Thorpe
May 16, 2024

I am loving my time here in Sydney, Australia, but there are some things that I miss from home that I am looking forward to once I touch down in the states. 

Here are my top 5:

  1. My dogs. I have two dogs, a German Shepherd named Elvis, and a Great Pyrenees named Bella, and they are my besties for life. I love my dogs more than anything, and I could talk your ear off about them all day. The first thing I will be doing when I get home is giving my dogs the biggest hug ever. Everytime I see dogs here in Sydney, I’m reminded of them, and my heart breaks just a little more, but it does help when the owners let you pet their dogs for a brief moment of puppy comfort!   
  2. My family and friends. Of course I miss my family, but it is nice getting to escape the hectic atmosphere of a large family like mine and get to be my own person for once. However, I often feel a sense of guilt that they are back home and don’t get to experience the things that I am, but I know that they are living vicariously through me, so I always make sure to send them pictures of my adventures. I especially miss my little siblings, which I was surprised to admit because sometimes they can be really annoying (more like most of the time actually…). I am reminded of my two youngest brothers whenever I see little kids in the city, and I get a little sad thinking about how I’m missing important milestones in their life. But, I have to remind myself that it is only four and a half months and I will see them soon enough, but I already know they are going to be so tall when I return, and I am not emotionally prepared for that! 
  3. Driving. Oh, how I miss my car. Listen, the public transport here is fine for the most part, but there is nothing like the freedom you feel from behind the wheel. I cannot wait to have my music playing with my windows rolled down as I drive down suburban streets and country roads this summer. 
  4. Grocery Stores. So, I know that part of the city experience is that their grocery stores are smaller and prices are higher, but I have been to a few larger grocery chains outside of Sydney such as Coles and Woolworths, and I still feel it is missing the ambiance of a good old American grocery store like Walmart or Target. One of the first things I will be doing when I return is stocking up on all my favorites at Target and Trader Joe’s.
  5. Thrifting. I love to thrift, but unfortunately, thrifting in Sydney is not the thrifting that I am used to. I love going to cheap thrift stores like Goodwill or Saver’s and rifling through racks searching for vintage brands and fun finds. Here, in Sydney they do not have the big box thrift stores that we do, but rather smaller consignment shops sprinkled throughout the city. I believe most of them are volunteer-based shops, so that is why they have a smaller selection than the typical American thrift store. Sydney also has a plethora of vintage shops, but everything is very curated and aesthetic with a hefty price tag.

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Alexandra Thorpe

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