Oussama El Addouli

Center Director
IES Abroad Rabat

Oussama El Addouli is the Center Director of IES Abroad Rabat, where he is responsible as the head of the program and is the main point of contact with colleges and universities in Morocco and the U.S. He is also an international consultant and advises on the higher education system and market in Morocco and on the major regulations governing the private higher education institutions and policies. Prior to IES Abroad, Mr. El Addouli was the Outreach & Program Director at the Fulbright Commission in Morocco, the Moroccan American Commission for Educational and Cultural Exchange, a high profile commission that administers the U.S State Department Fulbright program and offers prestigious competitive scholarships to students and experts for Masters, PhDs and post-doctoral studies and teaching assistantship programs for both Moroccan and Americans. Mr. El Addouli was also the Director and Co-founder of the International Arabic Institute in Meknes.

Oussama El Addouli received 3 Master Degrees with Honors in International Relations, Global Studies and Social Entrepreneurship from leadings universities in the USA, England, Germany, Austria, Poland and Italy. His PhD project is on the use of Quality assurance & Bench-marking in the internationalizing of Morocco’s university campuses. 

Mr. El Addouli's interests and expertise span the fields of Educational Curriculum Development and Design, Global Studies, Educational Governance, Higher Education Governance, Multi-Cultural Education, Career and Technical Education, Accreditation, Leadership and Management of Higher Education Institutions and Special Education. 

Read below to find out a bit more about Oussama:

Where have you studied or lived abroad?

Germany, Poland, USA, Italy...

What is your favorite place you've traveled and why?

Poland: Because of the warmth of the people and the fact that you learn about the country while emerging in the culture is nothing comparable to reading about it in history books. Aa simple as this.

What is the one item you can't travel without?

Charger and adapter

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Teach my sons languages...

Best piece of advice you've ever received?

It is never late to learn

Tell us one thing people probably don't know about you.

I love to write poetry and perform theater (this belongs to the past now unfortunately).

During a Winter School in the Somatnia Mountains (National Parc) with classmates from India, Germany and Kenya.