Matthew Rader

Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students
IES Abroad

Matthew Rader, Ed.D., is the Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Student at IES Abroad. In his position, Dr. Rader is responsible for the health, safety, and general welfare of over 7,500 students annually. He is a frequent presenter at ACPA, NASPA, NAFSA, and The Forum on International Education on topics related to the student experience in study abroad and recently published a chapter titled “The Role of the Dean of Students in Study Abroad” published in New Directions for Student Services - Undergraduate Global Education: Issues for Faculty, Staff, and Students by Jossey-Bass.

Read below to find out a bit more about Matthew:

What is your favorite place you've traveled and why?

Iceland is my current favorite place traveled. Why? Because I was just there! People who know me well know that after I have been someplace new, that place becomes my favorite place to travel. I just love learning new things and travel always provides an avenue for learning. This said, the topography of Iceland is incredible! I have never been to a place quite so beautiful. An individual really becomes one with nature in Iceland!

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Music, music, and more music. I am a lover of all things music. What genre? All. It is rare to find me not listening to some kind of music, playing music, or attending musical performances. As they say, music is the soundtrack of our lives.... Mine is quite eclectic.

Tell us one thing people probably don't know about you.

When it comes to 1980's popular music, there probably isn't a song out there that I can't sing at least part of the chorus! I dare you to challenge me!