Jay Moran

Instructor of International Business
IES Abroad Barcelona

Jay Moran is an instructor of international business at IES Abroad Barcelona, where for the past ten years he has taught courses in leadership, strategy and marketing. His book, Why Are We Bad at Picking Good Leaders?, was selected by The Globe and Mail as one of the Top 10 business books of the year, and he has written for Corporate Board, Leadership Excellence, The Financial Times and numerous other periodicals and journals.

Jay has a B.A. in economics, M.B.A., J.D., and a master’s degree in public administration, most recently from Harvard University, where the focus of his study was leadership.

Read below to find out a bit more about Jay:

Where have you studied or lived abroad?

I have lived in Paris and Barcelona

What is your favorite place you've traveled and why?

That's hard to say. Perhaps Africa for the landscapes and wildlife.

What is the one item you can't travel without?

Pen and paper