Scholarship type: 
Merit-based Scholarships

Open to students who are majoring in engineering, mathematics or one of the sciences.

Ranges up to $3,000
  • Recipients must be accepted to and enroll in an IES Abroad program.
  • Mimimum cumulative GPA of 3.3 (out of 4.0) required
  • Recipients must attend a college or university that is a Member or Associate Member of the IES Abroad Consortium. In addition, your home school must have a policy of transferring at least 75% of institutional aid for study abroad.
  • Return Requirement: If awarded one of these scholarships, at the conclusion of the IES Abroad program you agree to submit a 1-page statement about your experience abroad, including how it has affected you personally, professionally, and academically and how this scholarship supported your endeavors. Once submitted, this statement becomes property of IES Abroad and excerpts may be used in any/all IES Abroad electronic and printed publications. Additional details and instructions will be emailed to you after your program ends.
  • Standard programs only. Customized programs are not eligible for IES Abroad financial aid.
How to apply: 

Read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) before starting the application process

  • Apply to an IES Abroad Fall, Spring, Academic Year or Calendar Year Program (if you have not done so already)
  • Submit an IES Abroad Scholarship Application. You will be required to upload the following materials for this application:
    • Transcript - one (1) additional college transcript (in addition to the one submitted with the IES Abroad  Application).  Clear and legible photocopies are accepted via upload or mail.
    • Faculty Letter of Recommendation from a professor who has commented on your academic performance.
    • Personal Statement (250 Word Count) - Describe any or all of the following: experiences that have been significant in your development as a student of engineering, mathematics or the sciences; your achievements and awards in the sciences; meaningful extra-curricular activities and your background knowledge of the country in which you wish to study.


Fall/Academic year deadline: 
May 1
Spring/Calendar year deadline: 
October 23